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     Toner Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Huaxiang (formerly Henan in central China Ink Co., Ltd.) is a professional R & D, production laser printers, copiers, color laser printer toner of high-tech enterprises, products covered by Minolta, Sharp, Toshiba, Ricoh, Founder , Panasonic, HP, Samsung, Kyocera, Brother, Lenovo, Xerox, Epson, Canon and other brands, the company is located in the world transport hub - Zhengzhou.
       April 2006 to can rong Mr. Mak, a Chinese American at the core, the formation of a toner Huaxiang Henan Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and the introduction of Germany's annual output of 600 tons imported production line. Mr. Michael was 91 years -99 years in the U.S. Take-off office supplies group chaired supplies, and lead the color laser printer toner development and production. May 2006, Mr. Michael personally trained technical staff, to teach the world advanced, mature technology of the formulation and production for the take-off Huaxiang wings.
        Huaxiang were clear to see, to produce excellent products require sustained, high-quality raw materials, based on the needs of sophisticated production equipment, testing equipment and exquisite technology for protection. To this end, in June 2006, the Company purchased raw materials, instrumentation: detectors polymer, polymer modified device. The instrument can accurately detect the main raw materials of various technical indicators and parameters do not improve the standards, thus ensuring the continued raw materials and stable. At the same time, the company also acquired instrumentation products: with electricity tester, gray-scale device, particle size tester, precision electron microscopy, powder detector mobility, balance and trichromatic tester to ensure that each batch of products to meet the Treasury of the fine level.
       July 2006, the company with the global suppliers of raw materials: New Oriental Group in Japan, South Korea hessische Group, Gill Group of Singapore has signed contracts for the supply of raw materials. Toner for the production of high quality guarantees.
     "Technology subtle depth, integrity to win the world" has always been the operating philosophy Huaxiang. Huaxiang honest people in science and technology on the business integrity, honesty to customers, has been acclaimed at home and friends. May 2007, the company with the German company OTP office supplies business relations, products successfully entered the European market; in June 2007, with Russia's Peter the summer of a trading company supplies Wansheng Kai cooperation to make our products successfully entered the Russian market; in August 2007, with Hong Kong trading company huang qi to establish business relations, so that the smooth export of products such as South America and Africa.
       September 2007, the company successfully passed ISO9001 Royal Quality Management System Certification; in November 2007 the company obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification; in December 2007 adopted the OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.
       In December 2007 by the Henan Science and Technology Commission awarded the "high-tech enterprise" honor, awarded by Henan associations "heavy contract, keep promise" business.
       Today, the world's ever-changing advances in science and technology, at the same time, the world of the toner industry has set a higher standard, Huaxiang were clearly aware that: only broad cooperation in order to better development. Companies continue to maintain an open mind, will continue to research institutions and industry giant and the world to research and development, academic cooperation and exchanges. Learn from at home and abroad to learn advanced production technology and processes, combined with the advantages of its own, science, higher-depth digging, deeper and more difficult scientific and technological achievements, in order to create more good-quality work hard!


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