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Copier paper jam fault inspection and maintenance
Editor£ºHuaxiang people  News sources£ºHuaxiang Toner  Add Date£º2018-06-24

Occasional cardboard copy process is inevitable, but if the regular cardboard, then machine failure, the need for maintenance. Jam caused by a number of factors, mainly the following factors;
1. Cardboard carton: (1) carton (2) parts rubbing paper 2. Road cardboard paper
(1) of the digital roll; (2) separation of institutions; (3) paper path sensor; (4) separation claw; (5) Fuser Roller
3. Automatically result in cardboard sorter
4. Jam caused by scanning parts
5. Cardboard-in short circuit caused by
6. Caused by improper operation of cardboard
Failure of specific cardboard check and maintenance:
L. of paper stuck in the feeding tract
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
(1) feeding the clutch out of control. Adjustment of clutch replacement feeding;
(2) Feeder Road, there are foreign bodies. Removal of foreign bodies;
(3) blocked cold zou pian paper. Removal of copy paper card;
2. Paper Card Office in the separator
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
(1) separation with loose, off, off, or air-suction separation, inadequate absorption of paper to stick in the dark on paper or into the clean box; replace the separation zone. Adjust the volume of gas suction position;
(2)zou pian paper. Paper zou pian rule out the possibility of failure.
3. Cleaners frequently cardboard
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Some copiers photosensitive drum cleaner contact with the part with a grid-like, it made of plastic, therefore the role of copy paper to prevent access to clean, and normal reproduction, even if there is paper stuck in this part of the paper is also very easy to remove However, Article rodded damaged cleaners will enter the paper, very tight card difficult to remove. At this time the need to make to leave the photosensitive drum cleaner, if necessary, will be removed from the machine
To remove paper jam repair or replacement after grid-like section in order to continue the role.
4. Often in the central cardboard
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
5. Paper to the drum (the drum roll of paper on the regular), then check;
(1) drum separation claw, the separation is a good band;
(2) whether or not a good separation of high-voltage charge;
(3) side of paper stiffness rather than the other side of difference and, if so, can the other hand, or as much as possible the purchase of double-sided paper stiffness are good.
6. Paper stopped at the Ministry of Transport (if paper often parked in the middle of the Department of Transport), then check:
(1) whether the loosening of a belt transmission, age, belt tensioning device is good;
(2) suction fan at the bottom of the machine work is good;
(3) guide plate fixing angle of the former device is appropriate, whether or not clean;
(4) the way the central paper detection switch or sensor is sensitive.
7. Regular cardboard or in fixing a paper I Department
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
(1) whether or not too much pressure fixing roller;
(2) Fuser roller drive gear fixed it so good;
(3) Fuser oil roll it too much (too much oil to make paper easier to roll on roll);
(4) whether the fixing roller dirt (such as dirt will also roll to roll on);
(5) whether the fixing roller separation claw deformation aging;
(6) the way I ranked paper detection switch or sensor is sensitive.
8. Copier occasional cardboard The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Cardboard, the cardboard panel will light up the signal, we can show the panel on the location of a cardboard or left the door open (fixing device) right (into the paper the Department of) side, remove the jammed paper. Some high-end machine paper shows that the number of cards in order to P1, P2, such as that, P0 said the host did not cardboard, but paging device in a paper card. Remove the cardboard, the paper should check is complete, incomplete folder to be found in the shredding machine. Cardboard inside page, the browser needs to be removed from the host page, press into the paper sorter mouth, remove the cardboard.
9. Fixing device cardboard
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
(1) fixing a foreign body inside. Removal of foreign body fixation device;
(2) spring steel wire transmission loss or damage. Maintenance and replacement steel wire;
(3) heat roller fixing uneven pressure on both ends. Adjustment of the pressure roller at both ends;
L0. Photocopying cardboard when frequent
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Emergence of this phenomenon is likely to be worn round twist of paper, cardboard generally manifested as frequent, and more parts of the paper stuck in the mouth into the paper, the copy will also be stuck for a few sheets of paper, and sometimes caused as a result of endless rolling paper paper is not synchronized with the photosensitive drum, partial transfer, the paper is not only half of the image and the image of a black left side of the front-end to determine whether the round of rolling paper used is the lifetime, using cotton or water rubbing alcohol Chiu try rubbing the surface of paper round, to remove dust, hair, such as paper, and then immediately copy a row, 30 can be printed, then some relief if the phenomenon of cardboard, molded paper is illustrated in a more serious round of wear and tear, the need for change. If you continue to frequent the same as before cardboard, should be considered part of the reason for the other.
l1. cardboard display lights, but no cardboard machine.
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Such a situation occur for the paper detection switch dirt road, the result of insensitivity, such as the Xerox 2080 copier large-scale engineering drawings often show the Paper Jan Side (cardboard in the middle), and can not continue to copy, check-in There is no paper jam, this paper for the Central Road, photoelectric sensor detected by the toner Q5 and Q6 of the pollution.
Some models will need to be adjusted, such as U-Bin3300MR replacement control board, the easier the cardboard ¢ß signal, but no cardboard machine, then, should be adjusted to fine-tune control board VR1, so TP8 TP0 voltage on the 7. 2V, cardboard ¢ß show then disappear, usually as a result of such cases, different treatment methods.

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