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Other common fault with the exclusion of the maintenance
Editor£ºHuaxiang people  News sources£ºHuaxiang Toner  Add Date£º2018-06-24

l, press the copy button the machine does not work
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Photocopying key micro-switch is not working correctly. Adjustment and replacement of micro-switch button;
2). Main motor failure, check the fan, such as work on the main electrical fault, such as the fan does not turn on the power barrier. Adjustment and change the main motor;
3). The relay control circuit failure. Inspection, repair and replacement of the relay.
2, scanning the beginning of the light source does not shine
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Bad conductor. Repair wire
2). Tubes at both ends bad. Clean joints at both ends;
3). Lamp burned. Lamp replacement;
4). Fuse (Fuse) burned; replacement fuse. 3, by copying key, normal work, but do not copy output
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Motor does not work rubbed paper; inspection and electrical lines, removal or replacement;
2). Twist round of the aging of paper or no access to the paper surface (low pressure); the replacement of rolling paper round, inspection and repair of rolling paper round in the first and last are to maintain contact;
3). Pressure for paper carton inflexible hook slide up and down; examination paper to adjust pressure to a flexible hook;
4). Cutting edges of paper bonded with each other (non-twist to open); paper check will be repeated to re-organize or re-replacement cuo dong copy paper;
5).zou pian paper jammed in the feeding Road; check boxes for the installation is correct, check whether the feeding Road foreign body;
6). Feeding the clutch does not work; to check the separation device, repair or inspection to check the clutch control circuit to change;
7). Paper did not separate from the photosensitive drum down;
8). After the separation of paper, did not enter the fixing device zou pian; check the separation of plant and feeding Road.
4, high-voltage generator is not working
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1), into the voltage is too low. Adjust the voltage to meet the requirement;
2), high-voltage generator burned. Exchange high-voltage generator;
3), income, output of the contact line is not solid; interpolation of the contact in prison;
4), inserted the wrong point. Plugged the correct contact.
5, electrode breakdown extinction
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Whether the use of DC power or eliminate the exchange of consumer power machinery, such failure will occur, in particular the charging voltage is too high, the air humidity is too large, the more frequent failure.
Pulled out of this electrode, we can see its one end or both ends of the insulating end block, there are traces of charred. Here is where the leakage should be replaced block end insulation breakdown. If the burnt area of small, sandpaper can be used; knife such as a layer of polish to the jiao hu and affixed with cellophane tape, can continue to function.
6, press the copy button after the green, the first step for non-performing paper
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
First of all, whether or not to observe the rolling paper? If the rotation can not be a good twist of paper, then check:
1). Whether the paper twist round dirt, aging, decrease friction, if the dirt can be scrubbed alcohol concentration; grinding bald if aging can change the new round of rolling paper. May also have recourse to indigenous methods: fingerstall cut a section of rubber, paper set in the rolling wheel, the practice has proved that this is the solution to rolling friction paper an effective way round.
2). Top Top cardboard whether the decline in spring, if the decline in adjusted on.
3). Paper carton cutting width than the standard size width;
4). If you do not turn round twist of paper, paper for the first clutch and the first for the paper may be a problem on the circuit.
7, the second for non-performing paper
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). First observation of rolling paper is the first step in place, if not in place for the first paper in place to solve the first problem;
2). The second paper for the trip switch is good, the location is appropriate, whether powder dirt plot;
3). The second clutch is good for the paper;
4). Taiwan trip switch scanning on start-bit micro-switch or sensor is ineffective; 5). Paper whether dirt road, there are foreign bodies, such as.
8, do not feed
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Feeding motor does not work; check and eliminate lines and electrical breakdown;
2). Paper did not twist round of contact with the paper; adjustment pressure molded paper round;
3). Rubbing the old or worn paper round. Twist round of exchange of paper.
9, not for paper cartons
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Copier paper round the twist by the majority of the electromagnetic coil to control the action. Need to check to make paper machine in a state of transparent adhesive tape can be used to detect whether the switch stick carton so that the signal does not appear paperless, will be testing a small piece of paper on the photoelectric sensor box, the press Copy button to start after about 1 ~ 2 seconds later, the control of twist of paper round the armature coil of the electromagnetic absorption Taiwan should move, if no such action should be to check the electromagnetic coil and circuit board connection between exposure to sound. If there is this movement, consideration should be given to rolling paper inside the spring clutch is damaged; rust and, if necessary, replace the clutch should be.
10, more than one feed
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Flash paper adhesion. Repeatedly chuo dong paper, heavy;
2). Paper and carton of friction is too small. Increase the friction on both sides of cartons;
3). Anti-loaded paper. In any case, adjust the paper surface;
4). Poor anti-static paper capacity;
5). Than the width of the cut paper carton size and more narrow, the foot pressure did not play a role of paper;
6). Foot pressure point of view paper carton bad. Paper carton pressure angle adjustment.
11, continuous feed
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Controls the failure of the shares. Check or adjust the controls of the shares;
2). Faulty Switch count. Repair or replacement;
3). Feeding the clutch out of control. Maintenance and control of line feeding the clutch.
L2, inconsistencies in the starting line
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Clearance time does not roll the controller from time to time; maintenance controllers and regular roll gap,
2). Feeding clutch failure. Clutch overhaul feeding.
13, magnetic developing brush does not turn
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Vector too. Vector volume adjustment;
2). Gear Wear imaging device. The replacement of gear;
3). Clutch out of control. Clutch overhaul autoradiography.
L4, low-quality imaging (magnetic brush)
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Sui magnetic errors. Sui adjustment magnetic imaging;
2). Automatic for the powder out of control. Adjust the variable resistor and the detector;
3). Autoradiography brackets will not be diverted Ferry. Ferry to change. Maintenance and replacement cover plate;
4). Autoradiography cover plate failure, resulting in pollution gu mian.
5). Bias is too high or too low. Developing bias adjustment to normal value;
¡¡¡¡6£©£® Imaging detection device failure. Dry - Check the ratio of carrier and toner detection device; Wet - check the concentration of reagent, the detection device.
L5, premium powder malfunction
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Motor out of control premium powder. Detection of premium powder electrodes and control circuitry.
2). Premium toner cartridges are not installed. Premium compact reinstall.
3). Inside there are premium carrier powder so that withdrawal does not operate Roller. Device to remove powder from premium carriers.
L6, resulting photosensitive drum (drum or plate) pollution
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Photosensitive drum fatigue. Serious fatigue photosensitive drum photosensitive drum should be replaced;
2). Extinction voltage electric lamp illumination eliminate inadequate or insufficient. Adjust the voltage or change deng pao;
3). Eliminate the low voltage electricity. Corona wire will be slightly closer to the gu mian ;
4). Too many developing toner box. Adjust the image inside the carrier, the ratio of toner;
5). Vector fatigue. Exchange carrier;
6). Clean poor brush does not turn when the turn. Brush or hair removal compaction; scraper chipped or low pressure; maintenance brush box; adjustments to change comb or brush loose brush; impressive change or add to the pressure plate;
7). Dust bag powder too much plot. Cleaning and replacement dust bags.
L7, photosensitive drum scratch
Fault reasons:
1). Corona charging voltage is too high or too close to wires caused by sparks from the drum breakdown;
2). Scraper (brush compaction) scratch;
3). Careless installation scratch (or incorrect);
4). Careless or improper operation of the scratch;
5). There is a hard object, such as the needle was brought into the copier Qu.
Adjust the charge voltage or charge corona wire and the distance from the drum; change scraper or brush; careful installation required; operate in accordance with the requirements carefully; stands out to observe if there is a hard object with hard objects, the replacement of photosensitive drum.
L8, fixing non-functioning
Fault reasons:
1). Fixing electrical damage;
2). Fuse (Fuse) break;
3). Did not advance among the roll;
4). Transmission gear wear.
To identify the cause of damage to repair, fixing a serious need to change; to change fuses, and find out the reasons; to identify the reasons for not advancing; inspection gear moving janitor's room, the given rule out the possibility.
L9, copy paper, c. scorched
Fault reasons:
1). Fixing temperature set too high;
2). Paper has its own angle;
3). Ramp walk paper;
4). Spring steel wire fixing feeding damage or movement disorders;
5). Thermostat failure.
Adjusted to a suitable temperature; re-loading paper; check for paper feeding device; overhaul fixing institutions; maintenance control lines.
20, cleaning does not change
Fault reasons:
1). No place to install cleaner, gear out of line;
2). Collect more toner, squeeze into a block (the ball) plug;
3). Loose belt slipping brush;
4). Clean the chain of motor or transmission failure;
5). Fuse (Fuse) break;
6). Control circuit bad.
Re-install cleaner; cleaning powder cleaners and losers channel; drive belt adjustment or replacement; maintenance of electrical and chain to change; change fuse; maintenance adjustment control circuit.
2l, drain cleaner powder
Fault reasons:
1). Scraper is uneven or lax;
2). Left and right gasket failure;
3). The plot too much flour;
4). Road block lose the cold powder.
Change cleaning scraper; replacement gasket (also known as side letters); periodic removal of toner; clear channel transmission powder.
22, the effect of poor vacuum cleaner
Fault reasons:
1). Smoke damage to the electrical method;
2). Round off the wind;
3). Dust bag powder plot too much.
Maintenance and replacement vacuum cleaner motor; to put the wind round; cleaning or replacement dust bags.
23, manuscript illumination light does not shine
Fault reasons:
1). Lamp lighting damage;
2). Lighting fuse (fuse) break;
3). Lighting damaged or bad feet;
4). Lighting line barrier.
After identifying the reasons for the replacement lamp, replacement fuses, repair and replacement lamps feet; maintenance line.
24 scans a bigger shock than the stagnation
Fault reasons:
1). Mobile si shen song scan;
2). Termination of micro-switches (MS) failure;
3). Termination of the old pad.
Tension wire rope; swap termination of micro-switch; swap termination pad.
25, does not scan
Fault reasons:
1). Damage the main motor;
2). Control circuit failure;
3). Way clutch is defective;
4). Brush bad clutch.
Repair or replacement of main motor; repair control circuit; repair or replacement is way clutch; repair or replacement brush.
26, scanning does not stop
Fault reasons:
1). Copy number of control panel failure;
2). And the return switch is way out of control. Troubleshooting:
Maintenance or control panel to change the number of copies; repair or replacement is way, a return switch.
27, optical scan system does not advance
Fault reasons:
1). Mobile scanning fouling the track, cold resistance;
2). Scan driver is too lax or too tight wire;
3). Taiwan scan from micro-switches and clutch do not work;
4). Control circuit failure.
Mobile track clean; adjustment of the tension steel wire; inspection, micro-switches and the replacement clutch; check control circuit
28, press the copy button, the optical system motion abnormalities
Fault reasons:
1), optical system including the camera motion abnormalities can not be put in place, back to digital, scanning and Taiwan does not start, do not move, do not return, stopped at the halfway and so do not moving.
2), the first optical system to check whether the maintenance of a good oiling;
3), and then check the optical system is sensitive trip switch testing;
Check the clutch and the power supply is normal.
29, the machine does not sound normal operation, the electrical temperature
Fault reasons:
1). Main drive chain too tight;
2). There are sound transmission or coupling;
3). Grease less than the main motor;
4). Sub-scanning tight rope, causing the main motor overload.
Tension adjustment wheel or spring; to find the cause and repair; added grease; adjustment or replacement of wire rope.
30, operation level, the bias button does not work
Fault reasons:
1). Developing fully short-circuit or open circuit voltage; as a result of spillover vector; photosensitive drum, a whole week off of film; bias caused po pi lead.
2). Developing institutions not on the plug and socket contacts, and no bias into the developing roller;
3). Bias leads to the first line transformer on the board;
4). On-board potentiometer to operate off of the head.
Removal of short-circuit or open circuit voltage enhancement factors; so that bias is indeed cited on the developing roller; to make reliable solder joints good joints.
3l, a copy of wrinkles
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Copy paper folded itself. Re-for copy paper;
2). Carton is not correct for the release paper. Adjust the location of release paper;
3). Separation device is not working correctly. Adjustment of the separation device;
4). Deformation or obstruction of feeding agencies. Various parts of the body feeding overhaul;
5). Attachment-oriented board and fouling toner. Fuser cleaning guide plate;
6). Temperature sensor and the fixing roller surface is not the correct contact. Adjust the temperature sensor (thermistor contact with the fuser roll) the correct position;
7). Fixing the volume of the bite (heat roller) about the width of inequality. Fuser Roller maintenance and adjustment of the pressure at both ends;
8). On and make up its mind about the pressure of impact roller has reached the use of uneven or limit the number of sheets. Fuser roller to adjust the pressure at both ends to achieve uniformity;
9). Uneven throughout the machine. Change the installation place or location.
32, developing roller rotational disorder
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Developing this kind of phenomenon is the machine has a problem, copy the process of developing roller drive clutch armature coils have action at both ends of measuring its voltage also shows that the circuit is good. Carefully observe the process of copying Developer Roller sometimes does not rotate, when it appears white or white page copy, image will not roll is not rotating photosensitive imaging drum.
Removed image, and hand-driven rotating developing roller gear, such as found with a very heavy burden, and further examination revealed that, within the imaging device has been blocked toner full, Developer Roller rotating load is too large. As the drive clutch is a spring-driven, strength enough, so the occurrence of such a phenomenon, to remove excess toner, adjust the volume control under the toner can be excluded from this fault. In addition, the developing roller drive clutch wear itself will also be fixed with the phenomenon, also printed a copy of the case, should be replaced.
33, photosensitive drum not turning
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
This failure occurred in the newly installed machine, or disassemble the machine after maintenance. There is such a copier is not the photoreceptor drum drive gears, but by the end of a prominent small round file to photosensitive drum machine stuck on the wheel groove. If the file is not under the bed, the photosensitive drum will not rotate, did not copy the images. Another type of photosensitive drums have gear, and with a string of off-axis drum heart, if the gear does not meet certain machines and machine parts with meshing gears, or photosensitive drum axis is not in place, will result in non-rotating photosensitive drum without Image of the fault.
At this time in the copying process should be observed whether the rotating photosensitive drum, such as non-rotation, should be re-installed with the photosensitive drum all parts, some machines during transport, in order to prevent vibration, in the dark to add a ring axis washers, installation must be removed, otherwise the above-mentioned failures occur.
34, plug cleaner
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Copiers in the cleaner of one end or both ends with nylon gears, which drive machine with meshing gears, drive cleaner turning the screw rod, so that from the photosensitive drum of the toner on the cleaning down machines continue to flow to close end waste toner box.
Blockage in the cleaners, powder in case of leakage, we must first check whether there is any toner or paper block access blocked toner. If not, then the remote device for cleaning gear (one or two) teeth broken off, does not bring the spiral under rotation, this time should be replaced with the type of gear.
35, open to find a power switch, the operator panel lights do not light the whole, the operation of the machine no.
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1) First of all, using a multimeter (at AC500V) to check whether there is any power outlet 220V AC electricity, and if not, check the power fuse is broken, if broken, replace the 220v AC power outlet has electricity, then down to check.
2) Open the lid after the copier and find the power line fuse (usually 10A or 15A) power switch to turn off the copier, using table T will be cleared fuse. Ohms with a multimeter to check the insurance control file is broken, if not broken, according to the aircraft AC power supply system circuit check; If broken, the replacement of the same length and the nominal value of the insurance control. If the replacement of new insurance, continue to be blown on power supply circuit where there is a short circuit. At this time, the need for a thorough examination of the power circuit to identify the reasons for short-circuit. In addition to the above method, we must also take into account the characteristics of models, such as: NP - 400 of the maintenance master switch SW1 is turned on, EP - 450Z's the body up and down before the door or whether he hao , U - Bix3300MR of fixing browser is a good plug, fixing broken lights insurance is hot, and so on.
36, fixing a copy of the output generated after the crease
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Hot roll or roller complex; or coating off the surface of complex
2). Uneven pressure fixing roller;
3). Fuser temperature too high;
4). Copy paper damp.
37, electrostatic copiers separation failure
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Separation of common fault is the separation of institutional failure, resulting in failure cardboard. Have isolated the reasons for failure are:
1). Separation of the separation claw devices, most of the time as a result of wrong actions electromagnet or electric railway does not work, as well as the separation claws stuck, action is not caused by such factors as flexibility;
2). With the separation with the separation, the separation zone as a result of fracture, or low negative pressure suction boxes, copy paper down absorption;
3). Electrode separated from the separation, because separation of high-pressure-free or low output, as well as the electrode wire pollution, reduce the current separation, the separation will result in failure;
4). Feeding is not normal, or more double Zhang. Body can not make the normal work of separation, resulting in cardboard breakdown; or paper plug the device in a clean, scratch the surface of photoconductive layer;
5). Dry weather, so that copy paper and the photoconductive layer over the surface of electrostatic adsorption force, and failure caused by separation.
38, a power switch to open, only the temperature signal, copying key edge is not always bright lights
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1) First check whether the closure of the door switch, if it were shut, down to check.
2) After the machine lid open, or open before the door with the door at the beginning of origami tong kai to observe whether or not the work of fixing the heating lamp, such as working properly, the thermal block road; if not work, may be light or heat fixing broken Insurance , if not broken, check the power supply circuit fixing lights.
Self-diagnostic function of the copier, there is often failure fixing fault code display, such as Canon Series show E0, Sharp H4 Series shows and so on.
3) to consider whether the inserted cartons, and paper size selector switch, such as whether or not sensitive.
39, operation panel on the carton selector switch can not choose the upper and lower box
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1) check box is inserted in place;
2) check the box for carton size micro-switches are not working the location of sensitive or inappropriate;
3) check for non-paper cartons are sensitive sensor;
For example: NP-400 control the amount of paper remaining on-board test circuit to adjust the VR721 and VR722 is appropriate?
40, heating to complete the green light, but do not press the copy button.
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). If it is wet Ricoh machine, should check the Green button is located below a copy of the initial switch (DT850 for MS8 and MS9, DT1750 for MS9, etc.) the location is appropriate;
2). If it is other than the new models of copiers, they should check the operation of the Green button on the board whether or not copying sensitive switch to operate the circuit board whether there is dirt, bad, short-circuit signal, etc. so that copies can not be imported.
4l, power switch opened, the operation panel display lights bright chaos
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
1). Main control board problems, some flip-flop module may be broken.
2). Operation of the circuit board shows that there may be a problem circuit.
3). May be nearby, such as welding machine, motor and other electrical appliances at work big.
4). Extreme instability in the supply voltage.
42, operation panel display lights all went out after a while
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
This phenomenon occurs when a number of self-protection function copier power switch closed, the reasons may be:
1). A very unstable supply voltage.
2). Dayong near electrical appliances in the workplace.
3). Power supply circuit is a major component of individual heat-stable performance.
43, after press the copy button, the main motor to keep, and no other copy action
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Driven by the main motor clock pulse generator (also known as the encoder) of the photoelectric circuit breaker plug hole or LED light tube, CDS photo resistor damage, which can not generate the clock pulse signal input to the CPU, making it impossible to enter the copy control procedures.
44, polluting machines
The cause of the malfunction
1). The surrounding environment is a lot of dust;
2). Machine maintenance work is good;
3). Should the air filter cleaning or replacement;
4). Whether the carrier drum or fatigue;
5). Whether the amount for powder carrier has been inappropriate or inadequate;
6). Printing efficiency is low or the cleaning system is working well.
45, light maintenance and repair calls
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
It should first be established for maintenance of the model calls the significance of light. Significance of different processing methods.
1). Are fault-based maintenance call lights, the general also has a display fault code, fault code according to the site to find fault, if there are questions, overhaul excluded, and to eliminate manual.
2). Lights are maintenance tips, such as U - Bix Series machines, it is best to carry out maintenance on the machine, and then pre-maintenance counter zero, suggesting that natural light extinguished.
46, copier repair steps without display
(1) to check the power fuse
Power fuse burned, the machine without any display, removed its internal fuse can be seen black silk tube had been broken, burned fuse reasons, generally the power to large machines for the protection of the internal electrical installations, fuse fuse; the other is the case, should be good insurance for the power control before opening the machine, all parts of the machine to conduct a comprehensive examination, rule out the possibility of failure caused by short circuit in order to test machine.
(2) to check the various parts of switch
Copiers can open the surface of the shield, you can pull out parts for the maintenance of the overall power supply are not connected, disconnect the micro-switches, when the door or out of place after the components connected to the main power switch . If the machine is installed inside a component are not suitable, or not returned to their rightful place, the door can not be strictly related to the door to withstand micro-switches on the button pressed to not place the mandrel. Another common reason is that micro-switches for long-term use due to displacement, resulting in poor contact, then can be used in place of the door and push-rod screwdriver, insert the switch hole, such as the power connection, proof that the switch position changes, it should be slightly restructuring that, if the switch damaged, should be replaced. Although some machines display panel, but the machine is not connected to the main power supply, there is still a close door signal lights bright, the same should be done above disposal.
(3), check the other cases.
Power plug is not inserted in prison, the power switch damaged or overcurrent protection and disconnect switch failures without reset.
47, copier repair preheating steps do not stop
After reboot, the operation panel on the pre-signal does not disappear for a long time, so that machines can not copy.
(1), check the thermistor
Fixing temperature detection thermistor (heat sensor) installed in the heat fixing roller from close (1 mm or so) place to eliminate warm-up lights, you can copy bright light, when the thermistor resistance to change or open circuit, then can not correctly fixing roller temperature detector, when fixing the heating is always bright lights to pre-heating temperature is not extinguished. In addition, the thermal resistance and the heating roller surface relative to oil surface sensible heat, dust, paste, etc. to live, or the heating roller thermistor surface distance is too long, there will be longer warm-up time, and even fixing the temperature could not be detected. Clean with alcohol should be removed to install a good time to adjust the distance between the heating roller.
(2), check the other fault
Machines because of cardboard, used toner, scanners and other components are the reasons for failure and failure of the signal has not ruled out, the machine can not continue to be used, fixing the heating circuit can not work, must be excluded from these failures can only be conducted after the warm-up.
(3), check the fuser heating lamp
After fixing the heating filament lamp open, no longer emitting heat, bad light or heating. The need for repair or replacement.
48, the impact of exposure factors.
The cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting:
Exposure is the formation of electrostatic potential as an important process, will be directly related to the copy quality, many factors affect the exposure, the use of the copier main course of the following:
1). Decline in the photosensitive photosensitive drum
New photosensitive drum surface potential dark with slow decline, fast decline tomorrow, but there will be a period of time that the phenomenon of decline in photosensitivity, so that after the exposure is ineffective.
2). Decline in the quality of the exposure light source
Light exposure after prolonged use, there will be more attached to the surface of the dust, there are aging, in part or in whole phenomenon of the decline in brightness, resulting in inadequate exposure, which is equivalent to the original white part of the region are not strong light, not out long, formed after the potential exposure is too small, then a copy of the gray white portion, which is often the bottom ash.
3), the optical system of pollution
Exposure when the original draft to be adopted as the optical glass, mirror, lens (or optical fiber), some machines have dust-proof glass refraction, transmission to the photosensitive drum surface. Therefore, these components on the surface of contaminated dust, which will affect the reflective, light effects, the same will be the bottom ash phenomenon.

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